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Academic Papers [under construction!]

This page contains links (mostly to pdf files) to academic papers that I have written about Neoplatonism, theurgy, and Jungian psychology.
Psychological Effects of Henôsis [pdf].  Jung’s term “individuation” refers to the process of becoming psychologically individuus, that is, undivided or indivisible; it could almost serve as a translation of henôsis. Moreover, practices in analytical psychology, such has active imagination, have direct analogies in theurgy and are directed toward similar ends. In this paper I explore these parallels in order to understand better the means and ends of ancient theurgical practice. (ISNS, 2017)
Neurophenomenology and Neoplatonism [pdf].  The worldview emerging from neurophenomenology is consistent with the phenomenological insights obtained by Neoplatonic theurgical operations. (ISNS, 2016)

Twenty-first Century Theurgy [pdf]. We can get important insights into theurgy from contemporary practices that are, in essence, theurgy. In this presentation I discuss two examples: first, active imagination in analytical psychology and, second, practices explicitly called “theurgy.” I explore these practices in terms of their goals, techniques, and outcomes. (ISNS, 2014)

Psychological Effects of Theurgy in Contemporary Practice [pdf]. I show that we can achieve important insights into the psychological effects of Neoplatonic theurgical practices and understand their benefits for practitioners by comparing them with contemporary practices in analytical or depth psychology as pioneered by Carl Jung. (ISNS, 2013)

Theurgy from the Perspective of Evolutionary Neuropsychology [pdf].

I will argue for two theses. First, that much of the practice and phenomenology of theurgy can be understood from the perspective of contemporary evolutionary neuropsychology. Second, that this understanding implies the psychological value of contemporary theurgical practices. (ISNS, 2012)
Living Neoplatonism [pdf]. 
From my perspective as a scientist I will explain why I think Neoplatonism is especially suited to provide a spiritual complement to the contemporary scientific worldview, which is otherwise materialistic in orientation and ill-equipped to deal with many peoples’ spiritual concerns (2011).

Individual Soul and World Soul: The Process of Individuation in Neoplatonism & Jung [pdf]. Detailed exploration of theurgical means of ascent to the One from the perspective of Jungian psychology (2006).

Neoplatonism in Science: Past and Future [pdf].  In this article I argue that modern Neoplatonism can contribute to a revitalization of science and an improved human relationship to nature (ISNS, 2006).
Evolutionary Jungian Psychology [pdf]. Explains consistency of evolutionary psychology and Jungian psychology (2006).
Evolution, Jung, and Theurgy: Their Role in Modern Neoplatonism [pdf]. Explanation of Neoplatonic theurgy based on evolutionary Jungian psychology (ISNS, 2005).
Evolutionary Neurotheology and the Varieties of Religious Experience [pdf]. Evolutionary Jungian psychology explains the psychological objectivity of the gods as understood in Neoplatonism (2002).