The Wisdom of Hypatia

Ancient Spiritual Practices
for a More Meaningful Life
Purpose of this blog

    It seems appropriate to inaugurate this blog by saying a little about my goals for it. They relate primarily to my book The Wisdom of Hypatia: Ancient Spiritual Practices for a More Meaningful Life (Llewellyn, 2013).
    This book is primarily about practice, and there is always more to say about practice (although the last word is always the practice itself). Therefore I plan on describing alternatives and variations to the practices I've presented in the book. Problems can arise as well, and so I will discuss typical problems and how to surmount them. I will also answer questions posed by readers, to the best of my ability, and resolve any misunderstandings.
    I also plan to explore in more depth the connections between Neoplatonism, Jungian psychology, evolutionary psychology, neuroscience, and other topics in contemporary science. Some suppose that Neoplatonism and science are incompatible world views, but they're not.
    There are many interesting similarities between Neoplatonic practice and other spiritual systems, such as Tibetan Buddhism, which were outside the scope of the book. I will address these from time to time.
    These are the sorts of things I anticipate discussing, but I'm open to addressing anything relevant to the practice of Neoplatonism as a living philosophy.

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