Greek Names of the Gods

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The following two tables give the usual Greek spellings of the names of a number of the Gods, in both the nominative and vocative cases, suitable for use on amulets and in prayers, invocations, etc.


Names of Olympian Gods

nominative vocative ---------------------------------------------- Aphrodite *)AFRODI/TH *)AFRODI/TH Apollo *)APO/LLWN *)/APOLLON Ares *)/ARHS *)/ARES Artemis *)/ARTEMIS *)/ARTEMIS Asklepios *)ASKLHPIO/S *)ASKLHPIE/ Athena *)AQH/NH or *)AQHNA= *)AQH/NH or *)AQHNA= Demeter *DHMH/THR *DHMH/THR Dionysos *DIO/NUSOS *DIO/NUSE Hephaistos *(/HFAISTOS *(/HFAISTE Hera *(/HRA or *(/HRH *(/HRA or *(/HRH Hermes *(ERMH=S *(ERMH= Hestia *(ESTI/A *(ESTI/A Poseidon *POSEIDW=N *PO/SEIDON Zeus *ZEU/S *ZEU=

Names of Non-Olympian Gods

nominative vocative -------------------------------------------- Dike (Justice) *DI/KH *DI/KH Eirene (Peace) *)EIRH/NH *)EIRH/NH Erinues (Furies) *)ERINU/ES *)ERINU/ES Gaia *GAI=A or GH= *GAI=A or *GH= Hades *(/AIDHS *(/AIDH Hecate *(EKA/TH *(EKA/TH Helios (Sun) *(/HLIOS *(/HLIE Herakles *(HRAKLH=S *(HRAKLE/ES Kirke (Circe) *KI/RKH *KI/RKH Kronos *KRO/NOS *KRO/NE Muse H( *MOU=SA *MOU=SA Muses AI( *MOU=SAI *MOU=SAI Nemesis *NE/MESIS *NE/MESI Pan *PA/N *PA/N Persephone *PERSEFO/NH *PERSEFO/NH Selene (Moon) *SELHNH/ *SELHNH/


Beta code transcriptions of Greek are fairly obvious, except: Q = theta, C = xi, X = chi, Y = psi, W = omega. The * precedes an upper case letter, the parens )( represent smooth and rough breathing, and /\= are the acute, grave and circumflex accents. Accents and breathing follow lowercase letters but precede upper case letters.

Note however, that the classical Greeks used only upper case letters without accents or breathing, so for the purposes of amulets and the like, *)(/\= can all be ignored.

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