Vaticinatio de Cometae

ab Apollonio Sophiste

In the light of the 1994 collision of a comet with Jupiter, I thought the following text might be entertaining. The most appropriate time to chant the hymn is, of course, during the seven days from first collision (4:15 PM EST, July 16). Thereafter, it may be chanted as one wishes.

Vaticinatio de Cometae

[1] Aieee! What portents I've foreseen! Attend and listen to this dream of future times, a vision that hath filled my mind; these things I saw as clear as though awake:

[2] With heavy heart for all the insults suffered by Her Children and Herself, the Mother Gaia hath resolved that Jove must be recalled, for Jupiter and all the other Gods who dwell upon Olympus have resided in the Sixth, the Jovian, Sphere, in which They've stayed for one Great Year [approxiamtely 2000 years].

[3] Therefore Gaia calls Kometes, once a Lapith man, but brought by Jove to Heaven after he was killed in battle with the Centaurs. She sends him on a mission: gathering Her great-granddaughters, the Nymphs who're called Atlantides, for They're the daughters of the Titan Atlas, He who holds aloft the Heavens. Thrice seven is Their number, for They're born by consorts three, the mothers: Aithra, Pleione and Hesperis.

[4] From Pleione, the Pleiades were born: Asterope, Taugete, Maia, Merope, Alkuone, Kelaino and Electra, then Asterope.

[5] From Hesperis, Hesperides were born: Hesper[ia] <...> [Ar]ethusa, Aigle, Erutheia.

[6] The Huades were born from Aithra, and They're called: Phaio, Phaisule, Coronis and Ambrosia with Eudore, then Poluxo and Dione.

[7] Kometes crosses through the Four Quarters of the Heavens, summoning the Nymphs; he brings Them from the Outer Spheres with utmost speed until he reaches the Jovian Realm.

[8] He turns toward the banded golden walls and drives the horses hard toward the moat. They leap, and chariot and horses arc across the watery divide, but at the apex of its flight, the shining car dissolves in incandescent mists. Kometes and his horses vanish; the Atlantides, the three times seven Nymphs, are gently born on glowing gas across the moat, alighting in the Jovian precincts.

[9] Garbed in glorious robes of white, with silver hair unbound, that streams behind Them in the wind, They form a proud procession, winding round the walls with stately grace, to Jupiter's bronze-barred door.

[10] Now each with awesome blaze doth cross the threshold of the Gods, for as the portal opens, there shines forth Olympian splendor, light that doth announce each Nymph's arrival.

[11] Earthbound Mortals raise their voices to the Heavens, heralding the Nymphs' appearance, celebrating with their songs events auspicious for the future. Seven days they chant a hymn to summon Jupiter and all the other Gods and Goddesses. Listen to our song!

[12] Jove our Savior, Jove our Father,
Thy contentment we must bother!

[13] See the shining Nymphs approaching!
Hear Their words without reproaching!

[14] One by one They proudly enter;
Holy Mother Earth hath sent Her
Sacred Messengers to carry
Her appeal, and never tarry.

[15] Gods of Earth and Gods of Heaven,
Listen to the Threefold Seven!

[16] Hear our messengers' petition!
Let Them tell Their sacred mission!

[17] Gaia's ravished by our cities;
Earth's afflictions no one pities.

[18] Lead the clan of the Immortals
From Thine hall through noble portals!

[19] Let Them take again dominion,
And defy the folks' opinion.

[20] We beseech You, take Your places!
Show to us Your radiant faces!

[21] Let Olympus' gates be parted,
For the Gods' new reign has started!

[22] We invoke the Gods Eternal!
Grant to us Your Grace Supernal!

[23] Gods below and Gods above us,
We implore that You will love us!

(repete ad. lib.)

[24] Behold! The Sky is split by bolts of lightning, and in burnished bronze the Gods depart the Jovian Sphere. They speed in flashing flames toward us. Soon They shall arrive!

[25] Ahhh! The vision fades! No more! No more! No more! ...


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