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Need an invisability spell?  Or one to drive the cockroaches out of your house?  Tired of searching through ancient magical papyri to find what you need?  This page is for you!  Here you will find links to several collections of spells from ancient magical papyri, which you can search for your needs.  Just go to the collection and use your browser’s Find function to search for an appropriate word and you can find all the relevant spells.  To use this resource effectively, you should first skim the indices to familiarize yourself with the descriptive terms that are used.  For example, a spell to break up a relationship is a spell for “separation” or “separating” (PGM XII. 365, LXVI. 1, CXXVIa. 1, CXXVIb. 1, PDM xii. 50, 62, 76, xiv. 366); a spell for scrying in a vessel of liquid is a “bowl divination” (PGM IV. 154); an evocation is a spell for a “god’s arrival” (PDM xiv. 117, 232, supl. 130).
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