Rydumy Pronunciation and Orthography

John Opsopaus

December 1995


Rydumy phonology is well understood, and its phonemes may be represented by the following Roman letters:

a b c d e g i j k l m n o p r s t u v w x y z

The Roman letters f, h and q correspond to Rydumy characters that are used only in transcribing foreign words, although sometimes q is used for the sound usually transcribed ng (and sounding like English ng). (The Lenymu, the speakers of Rydumy, believe the f sound is holy, because made by snakes, so they do not use this sound in their language.)

Letters have approximately continental European pronunciations, but the following should be observed: vowels may be long or short (tense or lax), but they are not distinguished in writing; j is pronounced like English y; y is pronounced like German ü; x is pronounced like ks; g is always hard; the rare letter c is pronounced ts. The digraphs eu, iu, oi, ou and yi are usually pronounced as diphthongs.

The accent is apparently variable, falling on the second or third syllable from the end of the word.