Versus Pythagorici de Numeris
(Pythagorean Verses on the Numbers)

© 1998, 2000, John Ops

These Words Arcane the Lesser Secrets hold;
with Signs and Symbols let the Truth be told!

I. The source is One, whence things are brought to be,
  for chaos is the Primal Unity.

II. In Two divide the source and end apart
  to yield the Goal, at which is aimed the start.

III. The Three goes forth, the difference to transcend;
  The First Perfection: middle, start and end.

IIII. By Four-square poise an Order is defined,
  in double pairs the disjoint poles to bind.

V. The Five erupts beyond the ordered bounds;
  the Crisis shows another world surrounds.

VI. By Six degrees the high and low are wed,
  and Second the Perfection that is bred.

VII. By Seven the array is forced to flee,
  and yet it holds a Hidden Unity.

VIII. By Eight degrees the wheel of nature rolls;
  Reciprocation balances the poles.

IX. The Nine includes the center with the wheel:
  the Third Perfection, dawn of the ideal.

X. In Ten the numbers merge in harmony,
  and join the source in Final Unity.

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