Versus de Chartarum Familiis
(Verses on the Suits)

© 1998, 2000, John Ops

Four Powers are opposed, for everything
is Moist or Dry, but also Cold or Warm.
All matter, mind they govern and transform.
Attend these Truths, from which all insights spring.

De Baculis (On the Wands)

The fervent Wands convey the force of Fire,
their Heat expanding upward, subtle, pure.
With Dryness they impose what they prefer,
for ideal forms ignite the will, inspire.

De Gladiis (On the Swords)

The sharp-edged Swords divide the misty Air,
whose Moisture lets them yield to outer form,
but they divide and sever, for they're Warm.
With nimble strokes their edges split the hair.

De Poculis (On the Cups)

The ample Cups contain the Water's flow,
for Cold unites disparate kinds as one.
With Wetness they respond and overrun
and, yielding, fill the emptiness below.

De Pentaculis (On the Pentacles)

The Pentacles exert the force of Earth,
whose Dryness sets the shape, a rigid mold,
a body joined together by the Cold.
The solid ground of life confirms its worth.

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