Versus de Aulae Ordinibus
(Verses on the Court Ranks)

© 1998, 2000, John Ops

The Fourfold Name of JOVE reveals the Way:
the One goes forth and grows in four degrees;
in four again toward the height it flees.
EUOI! we cry. Heed what these Sovereigns say!

I/J. De Regibus (On the Kings)

The King commands his realm; his word is Just,
an Impetus to action, fertile seed.
The Integrated Elder has decreed
his Judgement, the Idea that wins our trust.

II/O. De Reginis (On the Queens)

The Queen moves like the Ocean, and relates
with Others, drawing nectar from above.
She nurses life with Overflowing love,
and gathers food for growth she incubates.

III/V. De Equitibus (On the Knights)

The Knight, obeying orders, Undertakes
a Venture, going forth, by duty bound,
with Vital strength for which he is renowned.
By wedding word and deed, the youth awakes.

IIII/E. De Pueris (On the Pages)

The Page is filled with Earthy Energy,
an Egotistic child that's newly born -
or reborn, and rejects a life outworn.
With care it will fulfill its destiny.


These Truths revealed by Image and by Word,
these Secrets great and small, which thou hast heard,
keep safe within thy Soul, a planted Seed,
a Garden of Remembrance for thy need.
Protect these Truths on thee in Trust conferred!

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