Celtic Cross Spread

The Celtic Cross spread is well-known and will be discussed only briefly here. The cards are laid out in the order indicated, with card 2 being laid at a right-angle over card 1:

[celtic cross image]

I have given a one-word Latin title in addition to the traditional name. See, for example, Waite (301-5) for additional information.

1. Cum (With): What covers. The situation (both inner and outer) in which the querent is found.

2. Contra (Against): What crosses. The immediate obstacle or cause of conflict for the querent.

3. Super (Above): What crowns. The overriding ideal, goal or threat; the potential of the situation.

4. Sub (Below): What is beneath. The foundation or basis of the situation.

5. Ante (Before): What is behind. The immediate past of the situation.

6. Post (After): What is coming. The immediate future of the situation.

7. Ipse (Oneself): Oneself. The querent, both external condition and internal state.

8. Circumstans (Surroundings): Environment. The environment of the querent, including other people and their view of the querent.

9. Exspectatio (Expectation): Hopes and fears. The querent's emotions, especially hopes and fears for the matter.

10. Futura (Future): What will come. The final outcome of the situation.

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