Ordo Viridis Orbis

The following information has been extracted, with permission, from the old O.V.O. website.  It is still valid; it should be promulgated widely.

The following are the only Laws of the Ordo Viridis Orbis:

Themis Viridis

  1. Your constant effort shall be to care for the Environment and to reconcile humanity with Nature; and this you shall do gratis.
  2. You are not constrained in your dress or manners, but should follow the custom of your country.
  3. Every year upon Earth Day, you shall consult with others of the Order about your work for Nature, or else report in some public way on your accomplishments and goals.
  4. You shall seek at least one worthy person to succeed you.
  5. The Sign “OVO” shall be your Seal, Mark, and Character.
  6. The Order shall remain Secret so long as necessary to accomplish its purpose.

If you live by these Laws, then you are a member of the Order; if you do not, then you are not.

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