Liturgy of Love Executive Summary

I realize it's presumptuous of me to expect many people to wade through 600 lines of turgid blank verse, so here is my "executive summary" of the Liturgy of Love:

I. Premiss: It's a good for us, as individuals and as a race, to look, listen, caress, kiss, and make love to one another, according to our mutual inclinations in a given situation, and not just to our SOs, however many we may have.

II. "May Love's embrace encircle thee!" sounds like some kind of meaningless, newage greeting or benediction, but to those who know, it's an invitation to greater intimacy.

III. "I welcome Love; so let it be!" accepts the invitation, with the scope and limits of the encounter to be determined by mutual consent. Any other response should be interpreted as "Say what?" -- a failure to connect (at least in this efficient fashion).

IV. The acceptance ("I welcome Love; so let it be!") is in turn acknowledged by the first speaker to show that the acceptance is understood. He or she may repeat back part of the acceptance (e.g., "I also welcome love" or "Let it be"), or, most simply, respond by initiating some intimacy.

V. These "passwords" are not supposed to be any big secret, so there is no reason the "code" cannot be explained to a "noninitiate." However, it is important that the response (III) not become debased by common use, and that it retain a definite meaning: an informed "yes."

So, fellow nestlings, that is the Liturgy in brief.

Grow closer!

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