He Elasson Hoplou Telete
Consecratio Instrumenti Minor
Lesser Tool Consecration

by Apollonius Sophistes
(c) 1996



Salt, water, incense, candle or altar fire.


  1. Prepare altar.
  2. Have tools to be consecrated on or near altar.
  3. Cast circle.
  4. Consecrate Salt and Water (if not already done as part of circle casting).
  5. For each tool to be consecrated, do the following:
  6. Hold up the tool and pray:
    Athena, hear! Hephaistos, hear!
    I call on You and all the other Gods of Craft!
    I dedicate and consecrate this ring (amulet, etc.) to You.
    If ever I've fulfilled my vows and pleased Your hearts,
    now cleanse this ring of every taint and all corruption.
    Purify it for my use and for Your service.
  7. Meditate on the tool, on its history and construction, on the purposes you intend for it; send it purifying energy.
  8. Sprinkle it with salt (representing Earth).
  9. Sprinkle it with consecrated water (representing Water).
  10. Pass it through the incense smoke (representing Air).
  11. Pass it through or over the candle or altar flame (representing Fire).
  12. Hold the tool aloft, point to it, and command:
    I charge thee by the powers of the Goddesses and Gods,
    by Sun and Moon and Stars,
    by Fire, Water, Earth and Air,
    to serve the Goddesses and Gods through me.
    I consecrate thee by the names:
    By the names of all the Gods and Goddesses!
    Fiat! (or Esto! or So mote it be!)
  13. Use the tool immediately or keep it with you for a full day.
  14. Repeat for each tool.
  15. Open the circle.


Gods other than Athena and Hephaistos may be invoked, as appropriate for the tool.
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